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Music enthusiasts, unleash your passion and go from music consumer to music Director or music producer. Use the latest production technology such as Apple Logic Pro studio / Avid Pro-tools to give you the skills to take your productions out of the bedroom or studio and into Bollywood Movies, background Score , songs , ,etc

The course focuses your learning on the practical use of computer sequencing, MIDI programming, samplers ,synths, hard disc recording, Scoring ,Foley Selection ,Dialogues recording ,Title and background Score within the creative context of music production.

With hands-on learning supported by one to one mentors, music production course allows a complete novice to quickly start making music and evolve their skills.

Software Taught : Logic Pro Studio / Avid Protools / steinberg Nuendo
The Course Details
This program provides students with an extensive training in the critical areas of music production, from a concept to a fully mixed and mastered track. This certificate starts with Music Production Analysis, which distills decades of experience from Music Directors into a focused step-by-step approach of the essential elements music making for films. This course identifies in-depth analysis and will instruct you on the best practices for bringing these elements into your own Music Productions. From there, you’ll dig deeper into the key elements in a Track, what sort of arrangements you should be working towards, and how to optimize your song as compelling as possible in Critical Listening 1. In this course you’ll look at depth, frequency range, dynamics approaches, which you can use to help direct your productions in any musical genre.

Next up is Recording and Producing, where you’ll study the theory and practical of recording and producing. This course outlines the roles of the producer and engineer in the recording process, and is a great hands-on introduction to the mixing, mastering and editing process. Now that you have the theory under your belt, and have started your hands-on approach to producing music, the Art of Mixing course provides a more in-depth look at the technical and artistic approach to mixing. In this course you’ll acquire the core skill-set needed to mix multi-track master recordings to a stereo final mix-down suitable for release. In this course you’ll learn the different steps of the mixing process, including equalization, panning, dynamic processing (compressors, gates, expanders, and limiters), reverb and delays, as well as automation techniques and practical examples. The final course in this program is Audio Mastering Techniques, which details this last, critical, step in the post-production process. This course will equip you with a professional level understanding of the day-to-day mastering process, which will enable you to create a level matched, hi-fidelity, error free, and duplication-ready master with associated documentation.

By the end of this program, you’ll have a complete understanding of the music for films, mixing, and mastering process; information that can be used regardless of the specific production software or DAW you plan on using. You’ll possess the skills to take a music project from concept to completion – whether it’s a project that you are working on for a third party client, or your own work!

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  • Cuebase
  • Melodyne DNA
  • Logic studio
  • Isotope Ozone
  • Reason
  • Ableton Suite
  • Industry synth & Sampler
  • Audio Units
Accomodation & other facilities
For Accomodation students can get in touch with us ,we help them with our local agents to have you look at the PG or Rent Facilities , so students can choose their Rooms according to their requirement ,like Ac , microwave, fridge , TV , Furnishing etc subject to change*.
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