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Diploma in Electronic Music Production course in Mumbai.
Register for The batch & ask how you can get 17000/- OFF on course fee.
Registration on 1st come 1st basis!
Students also Get 200 days of Free Studio practice Booking.


Duration of Course: 6 Months (including four weeks of Project submission, Assessment & Practise)


Looking for Music production course in Mumbai?? Look no further, Learn from India's Top Best Music Production School. 


The Diploma in Music Production (EMP) course is an amazing opportunity for all the Music lovers to convert their passion for music into Professional Career or even as a side career. Doing Diploma in Music Production with Global DJ academy will not just give you the power of producing music but also lots of module from Sound engineering course is also covered in it to make students capable enough to Collaborate further or to work in a Music studio environment in their career.


This six-month course is designed keeping the current production trends in mind and the essential knowledge needed to produce & create music using Ableton Live 10 + Apple LOGIC PRO X+ Avid PRO TOOLS + Isotope Ozone are fabulous music production suite and to engineer any style of music with the focus on electronic dance music (EDM)


(Trance, house, dubstep, Trap, techno, hardstyle, progressive & uplifting trance). Students will pass out with Professional skills, technically equipped and with industry-level knowledge to Make their career in music production.


We also Teach you a lot of Third Party plugins to enhance their unique sound for the Favorite Genre of Music. Performing Live will be one of the unique features of this course, that would enable one to take his/her music out Live from a home studio setup.


Course Elective Option: Students who can pass exams with distinction in Practicals will get an Option to Further Master the genre by picking up Music Genre they want to specialize in! Here Students will be focusing just on their favorite sound of the genre with some special tools to operate.


  • EMP 09 - APT - LEVEL 2
  • EMP 10 - APT - LEVEL 3

Note: The above-mentioned Music modules are as a whole for an overall idea, it further brach outs to a lot of topics and other music classes which are included in the course

Global DJ


EMP 01 - CONCEPT OF SOUND Fundamental theory of how sound works and behaves and how we perceive sound in acoustic spaces is taught. Concepts such as frequency and amplitude along with other important concepts are explained in a detailed but clear way to achieve the industry standard.
EMP 02 - CONCEPT OF DIGITAL RECORDING & HARDWARE USED / DIGITAL AUDIO & EDITING / SETTING UP HOME STUDIO This subject introduces students to the structure and the work flow of various music production equipments including computers, hardware such as loudspeakers, audio interface, headphones and microphones along with software and the technical know-how of selecting and connecting them all into a home studio is taught in this subject, understanding of how the Digital audio recording and editing techniques work, Work flow within the digital audio workstation
EMP 03 - EFFECT & SIGNAL PROCESSING These are the main tools that help in shaping your sounds and achieving precision, dimensional character, contrast and refinement of your music. Tools such as equalizers, compressors and effect processors that help enhance the quality of your music so that your production could sound professional.
EMP 04 - MUSICAL INTERFACE DIGITAL INSTRUMENT + EMP 05 - SAMPLING TECHNIQUES + EMP 06 - SOUND SYNTHESIS These THREE topics together forms the very back bone of all electronic forms of music that has come into being. Sampling is to do with editing audio and laying down sounds into a sampler that can be later played with the help of a keyboard, whereas Synthesis involves creating various tones and musical elements using virtual synthesizers. Popular synthesizers used by modern day EDM producers are taught in this topic.
EMP 07 - SOUND LOOPS & LOOP BASED ARRANGEMENT The layout of making a track using existing sound loops and samples and creatively editing to make a track are taught during this topic on a digital audio workstation such as Nuendo to familiarize the student with editing concepts.
EMP 08 - ADVANCED PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES - LEVEL 1 + EMP 09 - APT LEVEL 2 +EMP 10 - APT LEVEL 3 These Three LEVELS of programming takes the students from doing Fundamentals to Advanced level as the way of industry level programming with a narration of the Track session, a lot of chapter and topic are involved.
EMP 11 - MUSIC THEORY & CONCEPTS OF DIFFERENT ELECTRONIC GENRES (EDM) Essential music theory is taught to help understand concepts such as Melody, Harmony, lead, structure, chords, progression, beat science & circle of a fifth of a track or song as it musically progresses.
EMP 12 - > ASSIGNMENT PROJECTS, > MODULE EXAMINATION Assignment & Module examination details are provided by the course faculties.
Suggestion: Students are suggested not to buy a lot of Music gears & equipment. Cuz for the whole year we provide them with Update to date Apple workstation with HIGH-end gear. Don't buy gears because your batch mates have it ... buy it sometime later when you actually need them.


  • Cubase
  • Melodyne DNA
  • Logic studio
  • Isotope Ozone
  • Reason
  • Ableton Suite
  • Industry synth & Sampler
  • Audio Units
  • Industry synth & Sampler

Accommodation & other facilities

10 Things to know about Music Production Course.

Scope-practical session : Music Production is a very vast Field and its Growing very rapidly. Since Music Production is happening in every field, students can get income coming from various fields like producing music and Doing performance, Releasing EDM tracks online, Doing Background score , doing sound for Movies and Advertisement.

Jobs & Salary?:When a students takes an Ad Project for producing music for them. The student can charge a roughly Standard Market fee of 45,000 - 75000 for a week long project.

Music production salary:For Initial months to start student intern can get around 15,000 - 20,000/- Gradually with month it increases depending on the talent & dedication of the student.

Music Production Course Fees:There are a range of Music production courses available with us.Course Starts with 35000/- onwards.

Faculty:Having more than 10 Years of Music Producing & Teaching experiences , our Faculties are also working on Multiple Project of Bollywood and abroad.

Infra:Our Music Production Labs are equipped with APPLE MAC Individual workstation for each of our student, so that every student gets their own Music Producing Gears and all the freedom not only to learn but also to practise at all times.

We are using multiple Hi End brands Equipments like Native Instruments , Shure ,Roland , focusrite, M-audio, Rokit KRK, Yamaha etc.


With A+ Sound Proofing & treatment done, Global DJ becomes the NO#1 place to be in for Music Production course. 

Batch timing & flexibility : Global DJ is know for Our Production Courses through out India & abroad. So a lot of students Book seats online with a minimal Amount. If you’re looking to Joining any batch after couple of months , you should talk to our counsellors and book your seats in advance. Rest for guidance and scheduling you can get in touch with our counsellors.

USP:We are very Proud of the Fact that, EMP course is a Course that was innovated back in 2008-09 ,further today with time it has enhanced and evolved as a career options for all our Music Production students.

Instalment:We have easy Monthly Instalments for the convenience for every student who want to pursue the Diploma in Music Production with us.


location:Students when looking out for Music Production college in Mumbai should inquire with us about the Accomodation & get it Finalized prior to coming down to mumbai to start with batch.

Rest for the info we are situated in the heart of the Mumbai city, Andheri (Lokhandwala) & Thane.

We have an easy guide for Direction of Loaction : GLOBAL DJ MUMBAI l GLOBAL DJ THANE

We have students coming in from all over the globe, from countries such as England, USA, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria.

The convenience and safety of our student’s matters at all times, so that student can take advantage of booking Free Practise sessions. Hence we assist for comfortable nearby and affordable accommodation depending on student preference through estate brokers. The cost depends on a budget of the student and also the various prevailing rates in the different areas and locations in the city. A student can also opt for flat sharing to reduce costs and any other specific individual requirement can also be looked into.

Students while coming are advised to plan and book their travel arrangements in advance to ensure comfort.

For Accommodation students can get in touch with us, we help them with our local agents to have you look at the PG or Rent Facilities so that students can choose their Rooms according to their requirement, like Ac, microwave, fridge, TV, Furnishing, etc
subject to change*

Go to Accommodation to further know details about it.


FACT: Diploma in Music Production was started in Global DJ back in 2010 Dec.Music production course is what Global Dj Academy is known for. Global DJ Academy as an Electronic music production school who believes that music production education is our USP. Our EMP courses are not just any ordinary courses amongst other "music production courses in Mumbai" or from any music production institute. Its one of those genuine music colleges with "Dedicated professional faculties" concentrating on each student and makes sure that a student brings out his maximum potential.Read our students reviews to know about their experiences.In Indian where every institute Boast they are the best Electronic Music Production School boasting about themselves, it's very hard to judge the Genuine institute. In 2009 At Global DJ academy, we were #1st Institute to Innovate the Electronic Music Production Courses in India.



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