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Certification course in EMP - ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION .


Now EMP course can be done In Both of Global DJ branches of Mumbai & Thane
Students also get 75 Days of FREE studio practise Booking


Duration of Course: 3 Months ( Including 4 weeks of Project submission ,Assingment & Unlimited Practise )


IF you want to Learn How to make music & looking out for Music production course in should get in touch with our team and fix an meeting for counselling session to know the Module in dept. For a brief idea..

The Course in Electronic Music Production (certification course) that we have designed is to skillfully equip you with the skills to competently compose, produce, arrange, mix and perform a variety of music. The course covers all aspects of using the software and allows you to develop your musical style, culminating in a live performance of your work. The course is taught using hands-on workshops and individual practical/studio time. The course has the objective of teaching the practical use of, MIDI programming, digital samplers, and digital synthesizers as well as hard disc recording within the creative stream of music production.

This intensive course is designed to deliver to a complete novice/beginner to quickly start making music and evolve their skills over three months.We start teaching you how to produce music for beginners to catch up with the pace and gradually take Music production to advance level. 

The course involves extensive training giving you the skills you need to take your productions out of the bedroom or studio into the real world.With all these features under one roof Make us The Best Electronic music production School in India.

Music Production Course Fee :As our policy ,our Course fees are set at very affordable standard

Our Music Productions Fees Starts around Rs- 30,000/- onwards. we also provide EASY EMI Plan


Career options After Music Production course :

If you are an aspiring musician, Global DJ Academy is what you are looking for. We offer you music production courses and EDM production courses and introduce the art of producing and playing music to those who are passionate and willing to make a career in it. Read on till the end to know how we help you to make your dreams come true.

When it comes to choosing a music production college, you have to choose carefully and make a knowledgeable decision. Our institution is one of the top 10 music production schools that provide you with music production classes to gain knowledge and skills essential for you to take your production out into the real world.

But, before taking up a course in music production, you need to know the possible career options after it. They are as follows:

  • Electronic Music Producer
  • Dj producer
  • Recording Artist
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Composer
  • Band Manager
  • Music Arranger
  • Electronic Artist
  • Sound Designer

After joining our music production institute, you will acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to handle the software products required to arrange, mix and produce music.

Our free jamming sessions and practices are ways to learn electronic music production. You will be guided by experienced and skilled trainers who will continuously guide you. There are occasional lectures from celebrity guests who will certainly make your courses more exciting and fun.

We provide you with individual practice sessions so that you can develop your style.

After completing our professional music courses, we will provide you with certificates, and you will have acquired all the skills to become a successful musician.

Lastly, you need not worry about our music production course fees. The fee structure is around 30,000 onwards, and we also provide easy EMI plans.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled in one of the courses of Global DJ Academy and put your music out in the world.

Music Production Course MODULES (Description)

EMP 01 - SOUND THEORY During the early stages of the course, students are given elementary knowledge of sound theory to clarify terminology and concepts which are explained later on in the course.Concepts such as frequency, loudness, mono and stereo that are fundamentals are explained to help understand how sound is perceived and analyzed by our ears.
EMP 02 - TOOLS NEEDED FOR ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION Students learn how computer-based music workstations function and understand various audio hardware and software workstations are all interconnected. Digital audio recording and editing are introduced. Work flow within the digital audio workstation is explained to them along with studio etiquettes and practices.
EMP 03 - MIDI TECHNOLOGY AND VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS Students will learn the practical application of the MIDI, Sampling and Synthesis techniques that they then explore in music production. They will learn to manipulate/design their sounds and create myriad of soundscapes using synthesizers. Sequencing, programming, and sampling will be extensively covered using Ableton Live
EMP 04 - PROGRAMMING AND PRODUCTION IN ABLETON LIVE This is the core focus of this program. All the theory, concepts, and techniques are explained and explored in great detail using the fabulous features of Ableton Live. Using loops, layering drums sounds to building your sounds from scratch, and other creative processing techniques involving equalization, compression, and effects are taught. Mixing basics along with other processing techniques are learned.

Session management and arrangement with numerous examples are expounded. Students cover Ableton Live and discover its potential to produce a wide range of electronic music. Learning is reinforced by giving class assignments.
EMP 05 - MIXING AND MASTERING YOUR MUSIC Students cover the advanced elements of a mixing an electronic dance music track from scratch. Emphasis is on mixing approaches and mastering guidelines, with the creative use of effects and the relevant tools.

Popular mixing techniques and tips are provided and explained via mixing an entire song and then mastering it. Students can analyze commercial and popular electronic music.
EMP 06 - MUSIC THEORY FOR EDM – ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC Students apply the new found knowledge in a variety of production styles. They learn the essential music theory and arrangement techniques.
Tempo, Rhythm, scales, chords, and melody used in EDM.
Emphasis is on beat programming, structure, composition and vocal-based arrangements with regards to various styles in EDM.
EMP 07 - STUDENT ASSIGNMENT & SUBMISSION Here the student is required to make tracks according to the Assignment given & explained in the Music Production lectures by the faculties according to Industry Standards
  • Cuebase
  • Melodyne DNA
  • Logic studio
  • Isotope Ozone
  • Reason
  • Ableton Suite
  • Industry synth & Sampler
  • Audio Units
Accomodation & other facilities
For Accomodation students can get in touch with us ,we help them with our local agents to have you look at the PG or Rent Facilities , so students can choose their Rooms according to their requirement ,like Ac , microwave, fridge , TV , Furnishing etc subject to change*.
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