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Many students want to start their Music Career but are unaware how & where to start their career from? Who would give them a chance? A lot of students are unaware as to who should they meet? How to get the big break? How to make it Big?

If you are also facing similar questions and unable to find any answer, then this Music Business course is the answer for you. Music Business Development as the name suggests is a course related to Business side of Music. Its a very Intensive course taught only at Global DJ Institute.

Be it any students of any music related course if the question arises of doing it professionally then you should join this course.

This Music business course is a very intensive course; students will get in-depth knowledge and 95% of Practical Experience. On completion you will have enough of clarity & confidence to start a career in Music Industry, we have a lot of students who can crack jobs during the first two weeks of the course.

You will get to learn about marketing, distribution of music, record label, live performance, touring etc. Our program also highlights licensing, digital sales, copyright, royalties which are also a big part of music industry. We will also share a lot of case studies and lots of tips and tricks to give you a complete idea as to how to get gigs not just from Mumbai but from all over India? How to land gigs for concerts? How much to charge?

1 Music Industry

  • Music Business in old days
  • Genres
  • The Music industry in a modern era
  • Critical questioning
  • Writing a business plan
  • Tools of Trade

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2- Intellectual property

  • What is Intellectual Property
  • Procedure & importance of getting rights
  • Registering & protecting copyright

3 Promotion

  • Press
  • Radio
  • Online PR
  • Television
  • Advertising
  • Press Kits
  • Retail marketing

4 Music Branding & Digital Marketing

  • Establishing a brand identity
  • Ways of free & effective marketing
  • Introduction to digital Marketing
  • Social media

5 Artist Management

  • Management contracts
  • Making a Team

6 Record Labels

  • Major Recording Labels
  • Independent record labels
  • Record label operation
  • Starting up a new label

7 Distribution

  • Physical Distribution
  • Process of Distribution
  • Youtube

8 Touring & Festival

  • Tour management
  • Touring internationally
  • Putting on a show
  • Music venues
  • Ticketing
  • Setting up a festival
  • Sponsorship & other opportunities
  • Working in the live industry

9 Royalties & Music Publishing

  • What is music publishing
  • Performance Royalties

10 Copyright

  • Copyright in Digital Age
  • Piracy & copyright laws
  • Copyright Infringement

Duration :

  • 3 weeks program
  • Weekly timetable : Mon- Wed- Fri
  • Weekend timetable : Sat- Sun
  • Cuebase
  • Melodyne DNA
  • Logic studio
  • Isotope Ozone
  • Reason
  • Ableton Suite
  • Industry synth & Sampler
  • Audio Units
Accomodation & other facilities
For Accomodation students can get in touch with us ,we help them with our local agents to have you look at the PG or Rent Facilities , so students can choose their Rooms according to their requirement ,like Ac , microwave, fridge , TV , Furnishing etc subject to change*.
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