Bedroom music producers can finally rejoice as Adam Audio releases its T10S powered subwoofer. The subwoofer is designed to improve the bass response of ADAM’s popular T Series studio monitor speakers. This is great news as Subwoofers make a cool addition to a home studio setup since many studio monitors aren’t capable of playing sub frequencies. Sub frequencies are very low frequencies that add power to low-end elements like the kick drum and bass, which means you can feel the frequency on the dance floor. Subwoofers aid the DJ/ music producers in determining whether or not the track is danceable enough, which is crucial for dance music.
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The T10S is a powerful, compact active 10′′ subwoofer equipped with a 130 watt Class D amplifier.The frequency response of the T10S ranges between 32 Hz to 120 Hz. It is tailored to extend the bass response of ADAM’s successful T Series studio monitor speakers T5V and T7V near field monitors and it is also capable of delivering outstanding results when used with other 2.1 compact monitoring speaker setups. An internal adjustable two-channel crossover allows calibration of the bass signal and provides optimal performance of the total system.

Further, ADAM audio publicly announced at NAMM, of its collaboration with Latvian company Sonarworks (who are in DSP-based listening environment calibration and monitor response correction), which is apparently scheduled to result in new monitoring solutions later this year.

The ADAM Audio T10S will be available in the second quarter of 2019, with the price of the subwoofer being approx 399$ [US] or 449€ incl. 19% VAT in Europe.
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