Core values

Global DJ always welcomes equally an Artist or an Aspiring artist. Equality is afforded everyone regardless of his or her unique place in the diversity spectrum. Gender, national origin, race, color, creed, religion and socio-economic class diversity offer opportunities to broaden our cultural experience. We believe that the study of music builds human capacity, elevates the soul, and prepares our students for lives that enhance the public good.
  • We support all type of music lovers who has potential to learn and make their passion as professional. – People want to be inspired by something they can believe in, something that confers meaning in their lives and in their work. Fueled by our passion we are committed to achieve excellence.
  • We make them learn the professional level of music making.
  • We believe our students must have a supportive and collegial learning environment that maximizes the individual attention they receive from their faculties, and allows them to explore and develop their unique artistic personalities. We believe in the critical importance of mutual support among faculty that encourages the highest standards of excellence and accommodates innovation, individual teaching philosophies, and a broad.
  • Always be with the class, if you lack behind or become slow is going to make you down fall. Moving fast in your class as you know it’s a digital world. Be creative and progressive with your project work. Maintain the speed of yours like a “hare” not like a “tortoise” but not to loose tempo of speed in over confidence like “hare” but maintain it stable like a “tortoise” with complete confidence.
  • Be individual of your own creativity. Never try to be a replica of others. Be innovative in your music range of disciplines. Always be a good researcher, observer and collector. Be open to all types of music, opportunities, artist and audience.
  • We keep our promises and we deliver on what is promised. We are fair in all our actions and are committed to open and honest communication.
  • Our concern with all our students is universal. We take each student seriously and also want you to take us seriously. Being committed to lifelong learning and nurtures the pursuit of music making by creating and providing quality opportunities and experiences for everyone.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to reinforce and expand the position of music in society by educating the next generation of music leaders, incubating new work, and sharing our sublime art with the widest possible audience.
  • We are committed to supporting one another’s welfare, development, and success.
  • We help and challenge each other, and we seek answers that make each other stronger. To foster a strong and collaborative global community, we operate with openness, honesty, respect, trust, and generosity.
  • Our deep belief in the potential of children, communities, and nations — and our optimism about the possibility of ensuring educational opportunity for all — inspires us to be bold and entrepreneurial in tackling the challenges we face.
Always be Consistent Performer Oriented.

Our Aim

We aim to keep fees for DJ courses as competitive as possible, enabling as many students as possible to have access to electronic music short-term course options, longer courses and a range of different subject options.

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