Technology has become an integral element in this Digital age of music production & DJing. When we talk about production, specifically electronic production we have various software that can generate sounds which aid the producers in production. This software has features that will help increase or decrease the tempo, compress, remove or enhance some sounds or background noises. Addition of these minor details can enhance the track and take it to a whole new level. For Djing, take a small group into consideration, say a sangeet or any other ceremony that involves dance music. The DJ  has to change tracks based on the type of people and their reactions. Software like Serato helps the DJ create loops or modify beats and mix songs. So in short Digitalization has increased productivity and made lives of DJ’s and music producers much easier. The level of technology used by a DJ in today’s times can be considered the highest quality because they take sounds which are remixed and is later re-engineered in different ways to appeal to the crowd they are playing to. Note that different producers and DJ’s have varying USP or to put it plainly they have different styles so it is possible for one track to have many versions. This style is something an artist needs to know or develop with some guidance be it from our faculty or from their fellow students.

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There are many courses in our academy which will take you to a whole new level by teaching you about the latest trends technology in electronic music production & DJing. As you start experimenting with the equipment while producing your music, your skill set gets enhanced and so you can move on to releasing your tracks either on soundcloud like most amateur artists do, or if you are lucky enough then get a record label to release your album. Global DJ Academy offers electronic music production courses in Mumbai India; Join our academy and for dj course in Mumbai and become a master of djing. To know more about the music business, we offer a 3 weeks intensive program called Music business development, which can be done after students complete their DJ training or Electronic music production.

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