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Lot of us always have this question how to be a DJ ? We look at the biggest Djs and we think if we can become like Martin garrix or Don diablo one day.
we have heard & seen about DJ operating with some machines and DJ scratching with headphones on & we always wanted to learn how to DJ, Right ? Well we have an answer to all your questions, Learn Professional DJ course in mumbai in the Hub of Bollywood and Biggest Music festivals. Infact it has got everything making it the Best Dj Course in India.... let us explain. This Pro Dj course is all you need to get from complete beginner to Advance Level DJing to your first DJ gig in just a few weeks .It covers everything from how to create Professional DJ set mixed to perfection with the Nexus consoles to Learning Variety of Advance techniques of Mixing to Remixing & making Reming & mashups & live mixing etc. The Pro DJ course is 80% Practical, Since Djing is Performed based Activity ,Further you also get to specialise the genre that you love the most... Lets have a look at some advantages, course Modules & the Dj course Fees.

Learning outcome

  • How to mix beats , vocals & basically anything into anything even if it’s in a different genre, style or BPM
  • How to do beatmatching, into real pro mixing techniques
  • How to Mix variety of genre with EDM, house, hip hop, pop, rock, reggae, bass music, funk, disco, acapellas…
  • How to perform these techniques on Latest of DJ gear around al of india & abroad.
  • How to use your Loops faders, EQs, filters and gain controls creatively
  • How to live remix, taking familiar vocals and chopping & changing them
  • How to cue, ride the beats, and use intros and outros of music tracks
  • Know how Professional DJ Built & maintain their DJ library.
  • Advance Pro mixing techniques like you’ve seen in clubs
  • DJ Business , who to meet , where to start , how much a DJ charge ?, how to get gigs etc

Full Course Details

Introduction to DJing
Fundamental of Music & Preparation
Track preparation
Live Remixing
Track structuring & Genre Specialisation


An introduction to how this course will help you to perform bold and exciting transitions – transitions that cross genres, tempos and styles, and that help you to stand out from other DJs.

If you have a very basic idea about DJing and want to start from scratch to professional level of music, gear, mixing, performing, setting up in a venue & we’ll shows you most important stuff you need to know to start with your shows. If you’ve been thinking about Learning to Dj not knowing where to start for weeks, months, even years, this is the course for you.

More than ever, DJs today need to be versatile when it comes to performing exciting DJ sets, but often get held back by the feeling that the next right tune is simply “unmixable”. This eventually means boring & ordinary DJ performances.

Our course teaches you all the skills you need to mix most difficult songs or genres any any BPM, Giving you everything you need to perform mind-blowing mix transitions anywhere.

Introduction to DJing

Introduction to DJing

Topics covered
  • What is Sound & nature & Behaviour
  • In dept knowing of the Functionality & operations of the Nexus Dj console & Mixers.
  • Technical lectures helping you know Setting up of Sound Equipments , crossover setting in clubs as well as in concerts.
  • We’ll reveal what else you need to complete your digital DJ set-up including essential info about headphones, speakers wires stands and accessories
Fundamental of Music & Preparation

Fundamental of Music & Preparation

Music Fundamentals helps you built your roots by learning Music and using it in your way of performing it & A DJ is only as good as his music. But what is the best way to start ? How to Manage & shift through Music tracks

Topics covered
  • You will learn fundamentals of music that will you built the pillars of your Music Sense for Djing
  • You will learn Notes names , key signature , scales ,Major , minor. Harmonic minor & melodic minor , circle of fifth etc
    • Learn how to manage your DJ library for better access, so you can always find the right next tune to play in any situation
    • learn Ways to count & analyse beats & Patterns, analyse timing methods for beats & how to do it in when you DJ.
Track preparation

Track preparation

This step is getting all the ingredients before getting up on stage where we When want to mix quickly, creatively, and spontaneously.

Topics covered
  • You’ll learn how , what & when to cue and where & why to set temporary cue points and permanent hot cues / cue loops
  • You’ll learn how to set your equipment up so your tracks will be automatically be ready for you when you want to play them.

Advance Bending

Topics covered
  • Learn Different ways by which you can save your Track getting dragged away
  • learn method to know about your Tracks as to where you should and shouldn’t mix them
  • Learn how to use filters in place of your EQ for more creative mixing
  • learn how to use your Equalisers & Horizontal & vertical fader controls to perform mixes
  • You’ll see how to mix into a new track and out of an old one using filters, and how to use your FX filters to filter multiple tracks
  • Learn lots of new tricks that can help you mix seamlessly.
Live Remixing

Live Remixing

it isn’t about just simply mixing two tracks for Djing ,Its about remixing your tracks live , infant of your audience to create an Impact & show your skills & style and make it more exciting

Topics covered
  • learn how to using cues,effects , filters, delay, loops and gating effects, to make your music set sound extra ordinary
  • Using same track list in both the decks & making it an effect & how to play one copy of a tune a beat or two behind the other to really get creative
  • One of the most creative uses of cue juggling to use the beat or tone to create an effect with the master track
  • Learn how to Master mixes while DJing, including multi-genre and across different tempos
  • We’ll show you how to use cue juggling to play a completely new melody from an existing one
  • Learn how to Master mixes while DJing, including multi-genre and across different tempos
Track structuring & Genre Specialisation

Track structuring & Genre Specialisation

This module will help you understanding Different structures of a sound Track & will also give you an opportunity of Specialising a genre

Topics covered
  • you will have an option of specialising music genre of your own choice.
  • Learn how to do key- Mixing tracks from different genres to perform smooth mixes
  • We’ll teach you to spot similarities between tracks in different genres, and apply all these skills to mix those tracks
  • you’ll learn how to even mix , Non- Mixing genres. Great Djs do not restrict themselves to just mixing easy songs but they mix almost anything and everything and they make it so smooth that it sounds even better and shocks the audiences as well

Mixing Techniques

Once you learn the art of mixing then it’s just a case of building on this starting block by adding the extra skills needed.

Topics covered
  • learn how to use the mixer and jogwheels for Mixing tracks
  • Master beatmixing and learn how to keep tunes together.
  • Learn different Techics of mixes Tracks and doing a smooth transition of genres.
  • Usage of DJ effects and loops for impressive, pro-sounding transitions even with hard-to-mix tracks.
  • learn all the tricks for how to correct BPMs to do transition between “difficult” tunes successfully.

Making Sets & Playing Live

  • You’ll learn how to programme a DJ set, covering warm-up sets, peak time during Main set till the last tracks by the end of night
  • We’ll show you how to manage energy levels by reading and “rotating” your crowd, for a full dance floor every time
  • Tips & Tricks of Dj Etiquette on how to behave behind the Dj Booth and how to “lead” a party

Careers Option

  • 01
  • Proffesional DJ
  • 04
  • Mixxing Engineer
  • 02
  • Electronic Music Producers
  • 05
  • Music Director
  • 03
  • Sound Designer
  • 06
  • Composer