DJ Training Course

Global DJ Academy offers the Best Dj Course in Mumbai & Thane Exculsively.

Pro DJ Course in Mumbai

This Pro Dj course will help you to realize the DJ dream; it covers everything from how to create epic set mixed to perfection with the Nexuz consoles to Learning Different techniques of Mixing to Remixing & making mashups .The Pro DJ course is 80% Practical,Since Djing is Perfromaced based Actvity ,Further you also get to specialize the genre that you love the most… Lets have a look at some advantages and course Modules & the Dj course Fees.
A lot of us always have this question how to be a DJ ? we look at the biggest Djs and we think if we can become like martin garrix or marshmellow one day.we have heard & seen about DJ operating with some machines and person scratching on vinyls & we always wanted to learn how to DJ, Right ? Well we have an answer to all your questions, How about Learning Professional DJ course in mumbai ? The Hub of Bollywood and Biggest Music festivals. Infact it has got everything making it the Best Dj Course in India…. let us explain.

Some of the Topics Covered in DJ Training, Foundation and Digital DJ Course : (contains similar topics)


DJ 01 - DJ Consoles theory


DJ 02 - DJ Equipment & Set-up


DJ 03 - Music Theory


DJ 04 - Technical know how


DJ 05 - Beat Science (bars& phrasing)


DJ 06 - Music and Genres (understanding Different Style of music genres)


DJ 07 - Advanced Techniques


DJ 08 - Specialization in Genre (i.e. EDM (Electronic Dance Music, House Music, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, hip-hop, Bollywood Remixes), etc


DJ 09 - Beat Matching


DJ 10 - Mixing techniques


DJ 11 - Making DJ Sets


DJ 12 - Promoting yourself as a DJ


DJ 13 - DJ etiquette


DJ 14 - DJ Business (How to be a known DJ, professional way of doing DJing)

NOTE : The list of the lecture is long to update it online ,Kindly visit the Academy for Details of Course Modules.

Features & Advantage

  • Celebrity guest lecture
  • 75 days free practice
  • 1 on 1 Studio Booking
  • Free Faculty Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Free Jamming sessions
  • Apple certified Faculty

Features & Advantages


Foundation & Professional DJ, Digital DJ & Master DJ programs are also available.


Unlimited practice sessions for Dj & Digital DJ Lessons


Certified Professional Dj course


Specialization in the genre of music (i.e, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), House Music, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, hip-hop, Bollywood Remixes) ,etc


One on one session (1 student in 1 batch ) Also Available


Dedicated Faulty to attend and work on students individual level of performance.

Student Internship

As a Music Lover , naturally you love to perform . the great thing about music internship is that you get an opportunity to show your musical skills even more . Global DJ being literally the No.1 Institute in India. We attract a lot of opportunities. Which we further pass on to our students according to their talent & calibre. Music internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to Music Academy and landing great job.Music internships are pretty Interesting, you’ll have to work from the bottom up, but interns are much more likely to get a job offer from the employer they’re interning with. If you decide to intern at a Music related company, you will have an opportunity to see your projects go from scratch to Final stage. Experience in Music is the key to offering value understanding and creativity to the team. Internships can help you develop your Music Maturity & experience by learning the ropes from more experienced professionals. At the end of your internship, you’ll have relevant experience to help you to decide how you have to further build you career.

Student Feedback

Why global DJ ?

  • The Most exhaustive digital marketing content, with an exposure to real implementation and learning. All our students have an acces to real google analytics data, real Adwords, webmaster tool data so that they get to know the real data. There isn’t any institute shares any such information to its students.
  • Unlike other institute where trainers have just worked as agencies and have no clue revenue side, At LIPSINDIA our digital marketing trainers having worked for real business sufficient exposure to revenue side and hence carry the most unique exposure of what the industry expects.
  • Every digital marketing batch get to create a real time live campaign on Google Adwords. No other institute offers such kind of spend. This ensures our students have confidence in creative live Adwords campaign.
  • learn it from Google Partners.
  • Our students have access to paid email platforms to learn email automation. While sending emailer through bulk mailing platforms is no great shakes, however email automation, driving sales through inbound marketing is the need of hour.
  • LIPSINDIA Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ad campaign are managed by students in the live classroom.
  • Once a student Always a student. Our past digital marketing students can attend any session at any of our branches, with a prior information and availability of the seat. Ensuring they are in sync with what’s new. They don not have to pay fees again.
  • Our Trainers support for any problems faced in real time stays with you always even after the completion of the course.
  • We practise inbound Marketing for our acquisition. We would not bug you by constantly bugging you up by calls or emailers. we might call you just two times and leave the rest for you to decide.
  • We do not believe in simply adding bullet points to course content just for the heck of it. We go full deeper into what ever we train.


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DJ Course Details


We have DJ courses for three months for short-Term, five months for the Intensive program, 5.5 months for the IN-DEPTH program.


Traktor Dj Course


Digital DJ Course.


2 hour per classes. All gears are provided!

DJ Courses to start soon : Master Dj Program , Virtual Dj Course , Serato Dj course to start Soon , keep in touch with to know more about the dates.

Related course

Digital DJ Course

This digital dj course is more of a live course , it provides in-depth training on Live’s components, such as Advance Mixing.

Electronic Music Production (EMP)

This course is designed to skillfully equip you with the skills to competently compose, produce, arrange, mix and perform a variety of music.

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This Dj course is for

  • People interested in learning how to be a DJ, DJs in night Clubs,Music Festivals, Events etc.
  • People who are DJ operator and want to Learn Advance DJ courses in Mumbai & sharpen their Mixing skills , turntable skills , making DJ sets, Playing live music.
  • People want to make their Hobby into professional CAREER or Looking for a DJ job
  • People who are passionate about music and wanting to share it live with others.
  • People who already have DJ equipment and want to go to the next level with their DJ’ing.
The only requirement is love for music, no age bar. Students will work on fully equipped DJ setup to practice and learn on throughout the class. Even practice after the class. It covers everything from basic techniques to advanced skills and is perfect for those who want to drive things forward, push their skills and up their game in the competitive DJ market. 100 % placement assistance provided. *academy rules apply. Now there are lot of DJ schools in India ,but what makes Global DJ Best school In India ? lets take a look at Some of the feature:

GlobaL Dj Course Fees In Mumbai :

The fees of Dj courses starts at 13800/- onwards, The fees for Dj courses are very affordable giving you Value for Your Money. Fees Instalments : Easy Part Instalment facilities are provided to make it easier for students to pay.

Faculty Background

We Understand that Since Students require a Experience Teacher cuz DJing is all about Experience.Our DJ Faculties have more than 10 Years Experience in DJing fields and also are Playing & associated with Multiple Night Clubs so that Not only student also gets a lot of professional knowledge in the Dj Course Module but also from the Real DJ world Playing Experience. Above all Specially for our Dj courses Global DJ has multiple Parameters for selection to assign a faculty. Our Faculties are also equipped to teach DJ course in various languages to students coming from different parts of the country. so that Language should not be a barrier in Learning Dj & Music.

Global DJ Reputation

Students from all over India & abroad Enjoy the Reputation of Global Dj Academy after receiving the course certificate. The certificate holds a lot of importance not only in india but also in lots of other countries in their Clubs & performance places to show authenticity and get a DJ Job.

Location of Andheri Branch :

We are situated in the Heart of Mumbai and in the Hub of Bollywood Industry. Location of Global Dj Mumbai (Andheri) branch Is very near to Versova & DN Nagar Metro Station. Click the link Below for Google Map Direction to the Institute:
Students coming to us For DJ courses from Juhu,bandra khar, borivli ,malad, nalasopara,mira road, ghatkopar , bhayender, andheri west , churchgate can catch a train to andheri & taking metro from andheri to versova (8 min) to reach the andheri branch.

Location of Thane Branch

Global DJ Thane Branch is just 1 min away from Thane west Station, saving daily travelling time for a lot of students coming from different parts of mumbai.Thane station is also one of the major railway stations hence it has direct trains from most of the areas of Mumbai. Click the link Below for Google Map Direction to the Institute
Students coming to us For DJ courses from Mulund, kalyan, Navi mumbai, Badlapur, kharghar, Bhandup, vikroli, powai, wadala,fort can take a direct train to reach thane station for our Thane branch.

Batch Timings :

Students can select their timing preference as batch timings are flexible but it is also suggested that if you’re looking out to join a batch even after some months , you should keep your seat booked in advance due to limitations of seats.

Equipment Features :

We Use a lot of High end Music Brands for our DJ & Production purpose to give out Industry Level Sound. Equipments of Brand we use.

Placements :

We Have a lot of Students getting Placements after Dj course & music Production course, as Djs ,Sound designers,Mixing & Mastering engineers, Background scoring , Sound recordist, Sound Advisor etc. We have 84% placement results through Music Business Development LINK, Most of our Students gets Jobs during the lectures & for DJ career we have Music Business Development.

Rating :

We are ranking No#1 in India In terms of DJing Course & Music Production course.


Today’s generation belongs to the Young Generation today in fact not just the kids, but youngsters or people who are even professionals also have a lot of options to make progress in DJ industry. A lot of venues like Night clubs, concerts or even in media are taken over by young Aspiring Talent. Progress is not just in venues but also in touring. Touring of Djs has got developed in recent times. Earlier parents were insecure with their Kids getting into Djing fields. But now after looking at their progress even, they are assured of a Long-term career in DJing Industry.

Why Global DJ Academy is Top DJ School in India ?

Since almost Ten years now Global DJ Academy is providing Foundation DJ to Pro Dj course which makes us the oldest & 1# Top Dj school in India & as we have mentioned earlier that we have our Branches of DJ & Music Production Institute in Mumbai & Thane. We offer a range of Music Courses from Pro Dj course to Digital Dj Courses, Electronic Music Production, Sound designing, Mixing & Mastering Etc. That guarantee to develop Your stage performance at every level. Learn the complete art of Djing, Remixing, recording Podcast (DJ set) from beat matching and execute perfect blends, clean Dj mixes and unique sounds in any genre of music.You will have the opportunity of learning with the oldest DJ institute of Mumbai. Scope : Let me make it simple. Dj industry is one of the booming industries in the recent past DJ Industry has started Booming from past five years. Earlier back in 2000 there used to be DJs but there a Huge Difference when we compare today’s scenario & scene back in those days, DJs use to play in clubs but Due to Lack in Technology, skill set & Marketing resources they were not able to make a big mark in the industry. We also provide our Students with DJ Jobs & Music Production Insdustry projects. Over this past year DJs can put their tracks out in the market by releasing it on online, it takes hardly hours or a couple of days for the DJs to crack a million mark on views on a video of youtube plus they have the technology today which is helping them in different levels of music.

Jobs & Salaries

with a tremendous spike in increasing Jobs & career opportunities even the Salaries or the fees to Guest DJs have increased to another level. Intern DJs can get anywhere around 15000/- per month to a monthly pay of 40,000/- to 50000/- as a residential DJ of an Average club, Later with a little name in the market DJs for 1 night gig also get around 30,000- 70,000/-. Which is quite a handsome amount? Plus touring and having a variety of audience becomes a part of the life of a DJ.


Global DJ has a Beautiful Environment for every student who want to become a Big DJ tomorrow, with Individual Labs of DJing & Productions and Free Practising to Making sets networking. From Pioneer CDJ NEXUS to Traktor controller, Effect pads,Turntables, Guitars, Keyboards. Not Just hardware but Apple systems for High Tech software use, We use High Quality Standard Instruments & Equipments for Learning & Practising. We Maintain separate Individual Labs of DJing & Productions. Global DJ has it all in one place.

Pro DJ Course in Mumbai

A lot of us always have this question how to be a DJ ? we look at the biggest Djs and we think if we can become like martin garrix or marshmellow one day.we have heard & seen about DJ operating with some machines and person scratching on vinyls & we always wanted to learn how to DJ, Right ? Well we have an answer to all your questions, How about Learning Professional DJ course in mumbai ? The Hub of Bollywood and Biggest Music festivals. Infact it has got everything making it the Best Dj Course in India…. let us explain.

Coming Soon

A lot of people have already become DJs in Mumbai infact in all of India or Doing a Dj mixing course or playing on Virtual DJ online or still wanting to learn how to be a dj or even watching lots of articles or Videos on How to Become DJ even for the matter if you’re even learning from Top Dj schools in india ..Nothing will matter till you put in your Hardwork & time If you really want to make it a Professional career in DJing !