Earlier this month we’ve seen Reloop’s RP800-MK2 AND SL 1200MK7 bringing their A game to the table by launching turntables and an Elite mixer. Playing Godfather to them both is the Denon Prime 4, which claims to be the world’s most powerful, advanced DJ system which seems to have it all figured out.

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The 4-deck, ‘all-in-one’ standalone DJ system can touch, move and orchestrate your digital music with the DJ world’s most advanced, multi-gesture touchscreen
Entertain two separate audiences – Rock the dancefloor in one room and Zone output to a different location simultaneously. Access and play your tracks, fully standalone, from literally unlimited sized music collections and media sources. Multicore processor powered, gig ready, rugged metal chassis and renowned Denon DJ pristine audio quality
Not leaving behind the appearance, the Prime 4 looks similar to Pioneer’s XDJ-RX2, although it seems sleeker and has included more functions which means more good news for us. So let’s check out the functions of Denon’s latest brainchild.

Specifications and general working –

Multi-gesture 10” touchscreen which can view 4-deck waveforms in glorious colour, Search, select and load your tracks, Create playlists and crates on the go while Monitoring all essential DJ parameters.
The prime 4 can play music in two separate rooms so that you can Party in one room, chill-out in the other(so to speak) with its Dedicated XLR Zone output with gain and EQ control, it can stream back-to-back music automatically into the second room assigning either Deck 4 or Master signal to Zone output. Though I see no need for this the idea is pretty cool and high-end clubs can make use of this feature.
Access to your extensive music libraries during gigs is possible as the controller has 4 USB inputs, one SD card slot with a built-in 2.5” SATA drive bay. You can even record a full DJ operating set to any connected source. Additionally, you have a USB keyboard support in case you want to search for more music options and can play music saved in various formats like FLAC, ALAC, WAV.
Playlists can be imported from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, Native Instruments Traktor Pro and Rekord box® using both Denon DJ’s free, Engine Prime music management software and the Prime 4 itself.
You can use existing and create new playlists, folders, hot cues and loop information, crates, audition mixes & edit track info without using a laptop as the Prime 4 internally analyses music data which makes it hassle free!
Dual microphone control, Good quality line faders along with 2 dedicated mic channels(with TRS mic inputs) to control EQ, level and echo effects on both mics
For those using mobiles,’ the prime 4 has a punch in on/off and talk over option use 6” capacitive jog wheels(RGB light customizable to DJ’s visual preference) have Ultra-responsive touch with the centre HD display showing the current played track’s artwork or brand logo 8 performance pads perform hot-cue juggling to live track remixing, Create saved Loop regions for track timeline variety, While its Beat Slicer can be used to punctuate variable rhythmic phrases Crystal clear OLED screens show adjustable FX info(14 amazing FX sourced from the X1800 club mixer, which can be selected along with the parameter controls individually) The ‘on/off’ and ‘beats’ buttons boost the FX by giving them dynamic punch-ins

And Finally to sum up the Denon DJ Prime 4 Engine controller will cost approx $1699/£1469/₹120858 and will be available in March 2019. Is it the price really worth it? I leave that decision up to you.

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