No, it isnt the right course for music producers. A music producer needs to learn all aspects of production namely – composing, producing, arranging, mixing by working with software like Ableton & logic to create music. While the music producer works with the music from the arranging to the mixing stage, an audio producer works with the physics in music production. Some aspects of the audio producer are sound mixing, dealing with microphones, recording the song, adjusting frequencies and fine-tuning the sounds during recording sessions with software like logic & pro-tools. If you find yourself drawn to the science in music then you should take up audio engineering in our academy.  It is a one year course which trains students in subjects from sound theory till pro tools. And if you find yourself bitten by the creative bug, you can learn Electronic music production from our institute. Note we have a 3-month certificate course in EMP as well as a 6-month Diploma course in EMP.

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