In 2017 Pioneer launched the HDJ-X( HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X5) headphones to suit the needs of every Individual who wants to become a DJ, of which HDJ-X10 became the flagship in this range. Fast forward a couple of years later and we have Pioneer DJ release a limited version about 1000 pcs of the HDJ-X10C on 17th January 2019. The new model boasts of being better than its precedent the HDJ-X10 in terms of durability, functionality and the audio quality.

Let’s talk about the new and improved progeny

In terms of durability, the makers of the HDJ-X10C have included a 3-year warranty to ensure long term guarantee and reliability in its performance. Like its predecessor, the 10C has been cleared the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test2, so it can withstand rough handling during tours. coupled with the aramid material on the straight cable and breathable punched leather on the headband gives you a comfortable fit.

The leather earpads and headband cushion(both made of polyurethane) on the HDJ-X10C headphones are resistant to deterioration due to being finished with a nano-coating which allows you to easily wipe off sweat and dirt.

As the original flagship, the HDJ-X10C DJ headphones feature the same 50mm high-definition driver. the reason for better sound quality in this limited-edition version is the Carbon fibre in the housing which removes unwanted vibrations and noise inside. Additionally, the metal plating helps reduce vibrations on the surface, while the grille on the front of the driver has been modified into a metal mesh to improve the accuracy in the sound being reproduced.

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Starting with the case, the carry case has been made from high-quality polyurethane leather with the zipper puller and the metal tab in gold engraved with the company logo, which gives it a really nice look over-all. The headphones housing have made from carbon fibre with gold finished trimmings at the joints, giving them a luxurious look.

  • Specifications of the HDJ-X10C
  • Frequency response – 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz
  • Impedance – 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity – 106 dB
  • Maximum input power – 3,500 mW
  • Driver – 50 mm
  • Connection cord – 1.2 m c – oiled cable (extended length 3.0 m), 1.6 m aramid fibre straight cable Weight – 332 g (without cable)
  • Accessories – 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type), Carry case

  • Availability

    Since the company has made it clear that there will be a limited number of headphones(only 1000 pcs) released globally by the end of January this year with the minimum advertised price being $599 per unit.

    And so to sum up, although the HDJ-X10C isn’t available till the end of January or mid-February, the shipping cost of the headphone is $599 or ₹42,648 (note – I have not included the shipping price) which is a too steep for a product you haven’t seen making it seem like a frivolous purchase . If you ask me, it is better to purchase the Flagship HDJ-X10 which is being sold on the company website in India at a price of ₹ 31,790 which though a bit steep, is also durable and you have the company assurance of getting the original products.

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