Exchanging music via demos on pen drives or emails are a thing of the past. Though these mediums are comparatively modern, technology in today’s generation is constantly being upgraded. With the evolution of technology, sharing ideas today on social media like Instagram or youtube has become easier. At the touch of a screen, you can have quite a few followers. ISP’s today are making a killing with offering unlimited data packs for both cellular phones as well as indoor use. Why not take advantage of this?

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In the 1990s and early 2000s, we’d often see producers, artists moving around with multiple demo cd’s or heavy laptops slung over their shoulder in the hopes of “making it big”. The generation prior to had to overcome such tedious work to get that one big shot. Many of us do remember how difficult it was to arrange for another cd if the one we had was corrupted. Thank goodness for cloud storage and google drive. Life has become so much simple and easier. Ever hear of the term bedroom producer? well, a bedroom producer is a musician who produces electronic music independently using a home studio and you have several young DJ’s on this list. If you scan around for young EDM producers and DJ ’s like Alan Walker, you will notice that many of them had posted their tracks on Spotify or cloud. Millions around the globe took notice of their work. Releasing tracks became easier, much faster, and needless to say, the quality of sound transmitted hasn’t been compromised. Finally, if your songs are popular enough you may a get chance to strike up a deal with the record Label. So if you are a DJ or a music producer, you should take up the Music business development course at Global DJ academy.We can steer you to the right Direction because our course deals with the digitalization of music which means you get to learn copyright, royalties, digital marketing and last but not least promoting music.

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