Reason To Join


Our uniqueness is our quality of education provided to students ,The student faculty ratio is 4:1 ,Students can also take 1 on 1 batch

Professional training

At Global DJ Mumbai & Thane all the courses are Professional. Our faculties are certified faculties & have 15 years Industry experience. We make our students learn the professional level so that they become ready to take up Music Jobs & as career.


We support and guide all type of music lovers who has potential to learn and make their music tracks. We help and challenge each other, We Help all our students even after the Course has ended.


we are committed to achieve excellence. We keep our promises and we deliver on what is promised. We are fair in all our actions and are committed to open and honest communication.

skills & performances

We believe that we have a responsibility to reinforce and expand the position of music in society by educating the next generation of music leaders, incubating new work, and sharing our sublime art with the widest possible audience.


Always be a good researcher, observer and collector. Be innovative in your music range of disciplines


Our students must have a supportive and Performance based environment that maximizes the individual attention they receive from their faculties, and allows them to explore and develop their unique artistic personalities.

Our Aim

We aim to keep fees for DJ courses as competitive as possible, enabling as many students as possible to have access to electronic music short-term course options, longer courses and a range of different subject options.

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