Digital Sound Engineering + Music Production

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Digital Audio Engineering + Music Production: 1-year Program

New term Starting: May 2019

Admissions Starting: March 2019
Music enthusiasts, unleash your passion and go from music consumer to music Director or music producer. Use the latest production technology such as Apple Logic Pro studio / Avid Pro-tools to give you the skills to take your productions out of the bedroom or studio and into Bollywood Movies, background Score, songs, etc

The course focuses your learning on the practical use of computer sequencing, MIDI programming, samplers, synths, hard disc recording, Scoring, Foley Selection, Dialogues recording, Title and background Score within the creative context of music production. With hands-on learning supported by one to one mentors, music production course allows a complete novice to quickly start making music and evolve their skills. Software Taught : Logic Pro Studio / Avid Protools / Steinberg Nuendo

The Course Details

Module l PRACTICAL STUDIO ENGINEERING The objective of this module is to go into the fundamentals of sound and basic of Studio engineering. Students are introduced to sound theory, Frequency, Hearing, decibel and more in the initial stage. After which the course veers towards more practically oriented topics like Understanding loudspeaker & microphones basic miking techniques, signal flow, mixer basics, basic electronics, digital audio basics and fundamental of DAE. Module | BASIC ACOUSTIC & SYSTEM DESIGN Module | LIVE SOUND ENGINEERING: BASIC Module | LIVE SOUND MIXING Module | STAGE SOUND Module | EAR TRAINING FOR MIX ENGINEERS Module | MULTI-MICROPHONE TECHNIQUES Module | CREATIVE MIXING & MASTERING Module | LOGIC / PRO-TOOLS 101

Fundamental Of Audio Engineering:-

Introduction to oscillations and sound waves, simple oscillating systems, sound pressure, sound waves, the speed of sound, wavelength, frequency and pitch, sound pressure level, loudness, making sound, envelope, phase, reverberation, decibel.

Analog to Digital/Acoustic sessions

Conversion of the signals, Audio interface, transducers, frequency response, dither, sound isolation, acoustic treatment, absorbers, diffusers, recording studio configuration.


Principle of operation: dynamic, condenser and ribbon, polar pattern, stereo recording techniques, practical demonstration.


Principle of moniters, moniters cabinets and working, diaphragm, different brands, technical specification, frequency chart analyze, crossovers

Digital Recording and Cables

Analog and Digital cables, stage cables set up, Pcm, bit depth, sample rate.

Musical Instruments

Deep analyzes of guitar, keyboard, drums, orchestra and other instruments

Music Theory

Basic theory of scales and chords, key signature, clef, time signature, circle of fifth.

Revision and Exam

Intro to Logic Pro x

Interface, sounds, loops, tracks, arrangement windows, mixing window, screensets, Templets.


Types of synthesis: additive, subtractive, Fm, wavetable, physical modelling and practical with logic pro x internal synths.


Looping, multisampling, phrase sampling, key groups, velocity layers, mute groups.


Midi messages, pattern in music, sequencing, real time recording, building an Arrangement from patterns, step recording, final sequencing.
Remixing Song
Acapella mix, audio editing, flex, markers, audio to midi, pitching, taking out key, bpm And chords, making a structure. Programming, genre difference, editing, pattern sequence, drum sequence, bass Sequence, melody making, sound design, fills and fx, and balancing and premix.

Background Score

Taking a video clip and creating foley and sfx. Creating music over the clip and premixing and balancing it.
Ableton live

Live Set Up and Practicals

Protools 101

Getting started with protools, main windows, basic controls,primary tools and control. Creating your first session, making your first audio recording, importing and working With media, midi recording, selecting and navigating. Configuring the session and adding memory location, editing your media, editing Audio.

Mixing and creating a bounce, automating shared effects and creating a stereo Bounce.

Protools 110

Managing session data and media files, working with media files. Recording midi and audio, midi recording, working with midi and virtual instruments, Working with elastic audio, editing and fine tuning a performance, additional editing And media management.

Protools 110

Basic mixing and signal flow, writing and editing automation, using advance mixing Techiques and creating final media. Mastering with izotope ozone.

Features & Advantage

  • Celebrity guest lecture
  • 75 days free practice
  • 1 on 1 Studio Booking
  • Free Faculty Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Free Jamming sessions
  • Apple certified Faculty
Stream : Engineering Duration : 1Year Eligibility : 10+2

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