How do you get the latest news on all the happenings in the music industry? Don’t you hate being the last to know about the newest tech on the block? And since big names like Traktor, Denon, Pioneer, Ableton etc. have releases back to back it is really difficult to keep track on the new next big thing in the music scene.
While most of us aren’t really aware of all the brands that produce production or DJ equipment (we prefer to stick to the best known ones), it could really help if we get information on the other brands as well. So we’ve curated a list of websites that breaks out news and keeps the internet hungry generation satisfied with reviews, updates, rumours etc. Take your pick guys they even keep you updated with regards to festivals that are going to take place in the world. In fact many of the bloggers who post on these sites are music journos or journalists or are into events, who better than them to keep you updated? While this site is similar to the others in terms of news, reviews etc. A feature that I was really impressed with is the Free DJ test. The DJ test available here not only gives you your score but also offers you, a free personalised coaching report. Additionally this site also has a tutorial page which contains materials like some tricks and tips by DJ’s. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. This website is one site that focuses solely on imparting information regarding DJ gear and DJ software. Right from product comparisons to reviews and news. Also this website as compared to others the most up to date one available. So any new press release, you can be sure that this website will break out the news first. Ok so officially this is really an e-magazine, so you can peruse the site, without purchasing the magazine and is easily accessible so why not. Plus you can check for updates on your favourite DJ, Check out DJ listings or ranking, read the reviews on the latest gear. From Blogs, to reviews and product information. You name it the site has it and is pretty much anyones go to website. Full of information, music related of course! While this website is more of a shopping website, I’ve decided to add it hear because it mentions product details; specifications, launch date and price. And the website is super organised, so you can get to your product page in no time. Although they have a section for blogs, it is not my first choice or my go to website. But yes, the blog does have some opinions which are pretty good. So if something catches your eye go for it! In India, if you want to purchase DJ / music production equipment online, you can check out One feature that differentiates djworx from the other website is that the editorial team voices their opinions in the blog. I mean they have a special editorial slot. And the website has a lot of interviews from people of the industry (DJ’s or company representatives etc. you name it), so you are made aware of the latest product to be launched beforehand. In this website, not only do you get tickets for tomorrowland, but other festivals like sunburn or tickets for concerts and other shows.

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References – References have been taken to the material posted from the sites mentioned in the blog above.

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