So you’ve decided to take up Djing and are feeling shy to ask the course instructor what kind of headphones you need at least you seem like an amateur or foolish in front of your classmates and friends. Now the question you type on your search engine is “good headphones for DJ’s.” And your search engine will give you genuine replies ranging from the most expensive to the least expensive one with reviews from experience users. That’s when you are stuck in a dilemma and then comes the thought – which of them is the one for me? Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered.
Well let me help you understand the difference between a normal earphone and a headphone used by DJ’s. At the end of the day, they both serve the same purpose – they aid you while listening to songs.
A major difference is that a DJ headphone is specifically designed to cancel out ambient sounds or in more technical terms – strong attenuation (passive noise isolation). When a DJ is playing his set in a club or an event or even in a large ground, he needs a set of headphones to listen to the other or secondary track that he is mixing to the first one. He needs to hear the beats and mix the songs accordingly and these headphones help him do just that. An important function of the DJ headphone is to play two different tracks in each ear. This feature helps a DJ listen to the current and cue tracks simultaneously, which is essential for mixing.
Moreover DJ headphones have to provide superior sound quality than the regular headphones .Normal headphones often lack the superior sound quality provided by DJ headphones
Another point that distinguishes a DJ headphone from a regular one is that this they should be closed/sealed or in ear design so that the listener is isolated from ambient sound. DJ headphones are made to faithfully reproduce low as well as high song frequency.DJ headphones also require a strong but accurate base response(un-hyped flat).
DJ headphones are made keeping DJ’s in mind. They have to be comfortable for the DJ since the headphones are worn for long hours. Also they should fit accurately to DJ’s head so that he isn’t distracted while the job is in session. So more often than not, you see a cushion on the head band of the DJ headphone.
Cost wise the headphones used by a DJ are slightly more expensive as compared to the normal headphones. The reason for the cost variation is DJ headphones are like an investment to any DJ. They last for a year to a couple of years and so they need to be built with really good quality stuff. While headphones for regular use usually last for about a month to a year.(Depending on the quality and again it is based on how the user is. If you take a person like me into consideration, my poor headphones are abused and so they don’t last me longer than 6 months)
Last but not least the DJ headphones need to be durable enough to survive a working environment. Djing is not only about knowing what are the latest songs but also the latest gear. As you know many equipments are upgraded to improve the performance as are headphones. With this being said, it is important to note that headphones used by DJ’s are under constant strain. With regards to the wire being stretched to the head bar being pulled every now and then. DJ headphones are often pretty sturdy and are able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
A point to keep in mind while purchasing headphones for Djing is to select a pair of headphones that suits your needs and are should be able to fit your budget. Like I said before, all equipments are bound to get upgraded, you don’t want to be stuck with something expensive a year or two down the line. You can check out headphones like audio technica or Sennheiser. They have pretty great headphones for DJ’s at lower ranges too.
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